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So, what's new? - 4/12/2023

This time, the Merchandise pages has received an update, thanks to some images and information from Ross Willett, retro gaming champion and head of the Scottish Retro Esports group. This includes images and information on the mystery NES cartridge boxes highlighted at the page's inception.

Mr. Willett has even helped out with information and pictures of other aspects of Club Nintendo, so expect to see more in a future update.

And in the likely event that I don't see you until after December, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The Legend of Zelda wordsearch answers have been added to the Wordsearch answer page. Did you find them all?


A new wordsearch has been added to the 'Wordsearches' page, this time themed on The Legend of Zelda. Answers will be coming within the next week or two. Happy puzzling!


Just a quick update, this time: the Wordsearch answer page is now up, for anybody who just can't find that one last word or who just wishes to check they'd found everything. Sorry for the delay!


Club Nintendo Archives' sixth anniversary came and went, last week, and I missed it! Oh, well. Still, maybe this update can count as a late present for the site, eh?

Today's update marks the start of the puzzle pages I mentioned in the previous update; the 'Wordsearches' page is now up-and-running. A Super Mario Bros.-themed wordsearch is currently available, with others in the pipeline.

The 'Articles' page has also been rearranged to accommodate the new puzzle pages and any other frivolous pages I add to the site. Enjoy and have fun!


A new page has been added to the 'Articles' section: Club Nintendo merchandise! Before you get your hopes up, no this isn't a webshop and nothing shown on the page is for sale. Rather, it has been set up to bring attention to some of the merchandise and other goodies Club Nintendo had available.

I will admit to a bit of an ulterior motive for this new section, aside from the general interest: the first item to be featured partially forms a call for information. A few weeks ago, a fellow Nintendo collector got in touch to try and find out more about a Club Nintendo-branded cartridge box that came with his copy of Hogan's Alley. So far, I have been unable to find anything out, relying only on speculation. So, if you know anything about the box featured in this new section, please get in touch.

In other news, I wish to mention some of the future plans for this website. First of all is magazine-scanning. For a long time, while CNA has formed a checklist for fans and collectors, it has been severely lacking in the 'archival' side of things. I have now started to look into scanning the issues I own for our own unique archive. However, there will be a few caveats: 1) the scanned issues will be limited to what I actually own and 2) while I will make sure the scans are clear and readable, they will not be of the same standard as something from, say, Out-Of-Print Archive. My image manipulation skills and software are not the same as those of more dedicated enthusiasts. As a result, some of the scans that I end up featuring may appear 'raw'. That is, they'll likely depict the magazines in the condition that I own them, including folds and pen marks from previous owners. In some cases, such as display images, I will try and clean up the images as best I can (as I have done previously for other images displayed on the site), but others will likely resemble their current condition rather than anything pristine.

Finally, another section I'd like to include on this site is a selection of puzzle pages! If anybody is interested, I'd like to put together some Nintendo-themed puzzles for the site, including quizzes, crosswords and wordsearches. I understand this is probably veering into 'trying to stay relevant after completing our initial objective' territory, but I hope something more light-hearted and fun would be appreciated. If you have any comments or suggestions about these possible new additions, then you can get in touch at the email address listed on the 'Site Information' page.


After a year-long absence, the 'gag take' comics have returned! This time, it's 'The Hunt for the Nintendo 64' getting the joke treatment. This story isn't as famous as the 'Night of Horror' comic that was done, previously, but it has its own bizarre art and felt like an interesting one to take on. You can view the new gag take in the 'Articles' section.


Bit of an odd addition, this time. A new link has been added to the Links page: PyroPlayers Magazine. Rather than an archive or anything like that, this is a website based on '90s era video game magazines and websites. An interesting one to check out if you grew up during this era. I know it's a bit different from the sites I usually list, but I found it entertaining and interesting enough to warrant a mention.


Would you believe that today marks the fifth anniversary of this site? When I first uploaded this site, I didn't really consider that it would still be up years afterwards. Unfortunately, I don't really have anything really special lined up for today, aside from this one update.

The Articles section has had a new page added all about the origins of Club Nintendo! A few months ago, former Club Nintendo staff member Nick Pendriis got in touch with some information as to where the magazine came from in the first place. From there, I've been able to put together some of the pieces of Club Nintendo's backstory. While it's not extensive, I hope that it provides some interesting reading, nevertheless.

I thank all of you for your support these last five years. Here's to many more!


Just a few more little tweaks this time.

Without revealing too much, I can confirm that there are other updates in the pipeline. I have also just realised that this year will mark the fifth anniversary of CNA's launch; whether I will mark this occasion with something special is another matter. I shall have to see what I can put together.


The 'Guestbook' section has been tidied up a little. The archive of the previous guestbook has been expanded, and now has its own page, while the main page is dedicated to the current one. Which brings me onto the main situation regarding this feature.

As some of you may recall, last summer, our original guestbook host - 123Guestbook - disappeared, taking everything with it. In the weeks that followed, fearing the worst, a new guestbook was set up at UltraGuest. Well, sometime after setting up the new guestbook, I was surprised to see that 123Guestbook had returned, and was continuing as though nothing had happened! I tried contacting the staff about the disappearance, but got no response. Since I had already set up the new guestbook, and I feared another disappearance if I fully returned to the old host, I have since kept UltraGuest as the Club Nintendo Archives guestbook. However, rather than delete the old one outright, I have simply set it to 'read-only', so no new messages can be left, there. For now, this is the main guestbook where you can leave messages.

We at Club Nintendo Archives apologise immensely for any confusion regarding all this, and can only hope things remain stable for the foreseeable future.