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So, what's new? - 18/8/2022

Bit of an odd addition, this time. A new link has been added to the Links page: PyroPlayers Magazine. Rather than an archive or anything like that, this is a website based on '90s era video game magazines and websites. An interesting one to check out if you grew up during this era. I know it's a bit different from the sites I usually list, but I found it entertaining and interesting enough to warrant a mention.


Would you believe that today marks the fifth anniversary of this site? When I first uploaded this site, I didn't really consider that it would still be up years afterwards. Unfortunately, I don't really have anything really special lined up for today, aside from this one update.

The Articles section has had a new page added all about the origins of Club Nintendo! A few months ago, former Club Nintendo staff member Nick Pendriis got in touch with some information as to where the magazine came from in the first place. From there, I've been able to put together some of the pieces of Club Nintendo's backstory. While it's not extensive, I hope that it provides some interesting reading, nevertheless.

I thank all of you for your support these last five years. Here's to many more!


Just a few more little tweaks this time.

Without revealing too much, I can confirm that there are other updates in the pipeline. I have also just realised that this year will mark the fifth anniversary of CNA's launch; whether I will mark this occasion with something special is another matter. I shall have to see what I can put together.


The 'Guestbook' section has been tidied up a little. The archive of the previous guestbook has been expanded, and now has its own page, while the main page is dedicated to the current one. Which brings me onto the main situation regarding this feature.

As some of you may recall, last summer, our original guestbook host - 123Guestbook - disappeared, taking everything with it. In the weeks that followed, fearing the worst, a new guestbook was set up at UltraGuest. Well, sometime after setting up the new guestbook, I was surprised to see that 123Guestbook had returned, and was continuing as though nothing had happened! I tried contacting the staff about the disappearance, but got no response. Since I had already set up the new guestbook, and I feared another disappearance if I fully returned to the old host, I have since kept UltraGuest as the Club Nintendo Archives guestbook. However, rather than delete the old one outright, I have simply set it to 'read-only', so no new messages can be left, there. For now, this is the main guestbook where you can leave messages.

We at Club Nintendo Archives apologise immensely for any confusion regarding all this, and can only hope things remain stable for the foreseeable future.