Vol. 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 - Issue 1

1990 starts with a splash as Cobra Triangle, and its hissing sea serpent, makes the cover. While this game could simply be described as 'RC Pro-Am with speedboats', Cobra Triangle covered more than just racing; some stages were based on tasks such as protecting lost swimmers and removing mines, giving the game more variety. The speedboats were also equipped with guns, with which players would take on criminals and sea monsters!

Winner of the 'Most Misleading Title' award here has to be Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (also known as just Fighting Golf). Yes, it was a golf game; yes, it featured US golf star Lee Trevino as a playable character (under the name 'Super Mex'); but nowhere in the game was there any fighting. Although, perhaps I am being a little unfair. After all, Cobra Triangle featured neither cobras nor triangles.

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