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General Information

Club Nintendo Archives aims to document information about the Club Nintendo promotional magazine that ran in the UK during the first half of the 1990s. As a fan of the company, I was surprised to discover this magazine, as I was clueless to its existence until I started using Ebay in the early 2000s. Being a collector of Nintendo memorabilia, this naturally piqued my interest, and so I decided to collect it for my own personal enjoyment.

In my hunt for more information, I soon realised that - outside of information on overseas equivalents - I had very little documentation to go on. With retro gaming currently a big deal, previous Nintendo magazines of the '90s - such as Nintendo Magazine System, Super Play, and Nintendo Power - are often talked about, but this one appears to have slipped under the radar; most likely because it is more a promotional rag for Nintendo than an actual magazine. As a result, I have decided to create this website as both a basic documentation of this magazine and a checklist of sorts for my own collection.

Whether you're reliving fond memories of your childhood or you're discovering this for the first time, I hope Club Nintendo Archives allows you to learn more about this often-forgotten aspect of Nintendo's past.

Note about game titles and releases

In order to keep the information consistent between the magazine and this website, I shall be using the UK-localised names of games rather than their original names or any US-localised names. For example, censorship laws forced Konami to swap Contra's human protagonists for robots and thus, the game became Probotector, while a copyright conflict caused the SNES game Star Fox to be released as Starwing.

I must also stress that the information on issue contents come straight from the magazines themselves, which were released bi-monthly. As such, there may be conflict between how a game is featured compared with its actual UK release date. Reader discretion is therefore advised if you encounter such content as a game listed as being reviewed several months after its documented release. However, if there is a genuine error in the information provided - for example, a game listed as appearing in the wrong issue - then you may contact me about it at the email address provided below.

About the Webmaster

I am a longtime Nintendo fan and collector of related merchandise. Club Nintendo and various other video game magazines form a small part of my wider collection, which covers numerous items and memorabilia featuring various video game franchises and characters. Club Nintendo Archives is a pet project of mine designed to help document and provide information for fellow fans and collectors.

If you wish to contact me about Club Nintendo Archives, you can email me at

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