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If you like the webgraphics I designed for this site, you may be interested to know that I also have my own art site. There, you can view my other work, including illustrations, character drawings, and t-shirt designs.

Club Nintendo and General Nintendo-Related Links

Nintendo - Official website for Nintendo.
Nintendo Database - Comprehensive Nintendo video game archive.
Behind the Scenes at Club Nintendo Magazine (Nintendo Life) - An interview with Natalie Griffith, who worked on Club Nintendo magazine.

Retro VG Magazine and General Archives

Nintendo Mags - A website chronicling Nintendo magazines released in the UK by Future Publishing.
Sega Mags - A blog aiming to cover every single Sega magazine released in the UK.
Old Game Mags (Tumblr) - Video game magazine showcase blog.
Out-of-Print Archive - Magazine preservation site. Has a strong focus on UK titles.
Retromags - Magazine preservation site. Includes magazines from various countries.
The Internet Archive - Home of the 'Wayback Machine' and host to a wide variety of media, including Club Nintendo issues from numerous countries!

Other Fun Sites

PyroPlayers Magazine - All the hottest game reviews, tips, and news, straight from the '90s!

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