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Mario 11:36am 02-11-2020
Hello! It's-a me, Mario!

I have been asked to provide the first Club Nintendo Archives guestbook message to test everything out! Woo-hoo!

Enjoy the site, everybody!

Replied on: 3:16pm 04-11-2020
Thank you, Mario. Have fun on your next adventure!

Bill 10:28pm 02-11-2020
Hello, Mario!

Second entry for Club Nintendo Archives!! woohoooo
mama luigi 4:10pm 03-01-2020
Prism 7:27pm 03-10-2020
Hey, really nice site! Keep up the good work.
mama 7:47pm 03-12-2020
mia thats a spicy meatball

Replied on: 3:13pm 04-11-2020
Try not to burn yourself! We don't want anyone being sent to Koopa-Kasualty here.

Mirages 11:37pm 03-12-2020
Cool website ! i love it :-)
YoshiFan 3:31pm 04-04-2020
I love your website and I particularly love the Vol. 5 Issue 3 edition because Super Mario World and A Link To The Past are the greatest games of all time imo.

Replied on: 3:15pm 04-11-2020
Nice choices, there. Can't go wrong with a dose of SNES goodness.

Test Person 4:00pm 04-29-2020

Samtoons 3:51pm 05-27-2020
Guess what?
I found a cbz file of Club Nintendo issue 1, and converted it to a pdf file for your viewing pleasure:

Replied on: 2:52pm 06-12-2020
Thank you very much! I have updated the site with the information provided here.

Hope you continue to enjoy the site.

Bob LAnders 4:18am 06-05-2020
I miss the old days

Replied on: 2:55pm 06-12-2020
Seems like a lot of people do, given the current interest in retro games. I hope the site gives you a chance to reminisce, if nothing else.

Anonymous 12:38am 06-17-2020
This retro style of website design is the only way I can enjoy something like an archive of Club Nintendo issues.

Replied on: 2:19pm 07-23-2020
Thank you. Glad you like the design.

Beanz 9:26pm 07-06-2020
i havn't signed a guest book on a website in 20 years. thank you from the bottom of my soul

Replied on: 2:15pm 07-23-2020
You're very welcome.

RetroRob 9:29pm 07-06-2020
Great site! :-) I should get a guestbook onto my site too!
Baloo 7:24pm 07-19-2020
Thanks so much for visiting my site! Love that you have this great archive of Club Nintendo on your website. "Join the Nintendo Fun Club today Mac!" Nice to see how things were across the Atlantic. Keep up the great work!

Bill Mitchell 3:12pm 07-23-2020
Heyo, this is the webmaster's fiance. I want to say thanks, not to the webmaster, but to the rest of you guys. You are all real mvps, and its because of your love and support that CNA continues to thrive.

Thank you from both of us <3
joellmadrid 9:19pm 08-15-2020
cool website
Samtoons 3:25pm 08-24-2020

just found this dutch version of the club nintendo classic magazine issue 1


Replied on: 2:55pm 12-15-2020
Always fun to see other versions of Club Nintendo.

mario 1:28am 09-11-2020

Guy Rocketram 11:07pm 10-30-2020
Wow, this is a neat website.
having a lot of un browsing neocities today.
keep up the good work! love weird retro nintendo archive stuff like this.

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Travis B. 2:09pm 11-30-2020
So cool. It brings back memories, when I used to use "Geocities". I miss those days. Me and my friends used to make Sprite Comics.

Replied on: 2:49pm 12-15-2020
Sprite comics were a great part of the earlier Internet. Such a fun use of old game sprites and backgrounds.

mehrio 12:13am 12-08-2020

Jake Ripp 12:23pm 01-20-2021
Wow! this is a really cool site! good work :)
adam 11:18pm 02-18-2021

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ian 2:43pm 02-22-2021
brandon 5:13pm 02-25-2021
Awesome website bro. Love where randomly browsing Neocities can take me.

Replied on: 4:01pm 04-17-2021
Indeed. Browsing Neocities can be quite the modern day web adventure.

Sean 2:54am 03-23-2021
Was watching a Youtube video that showed some of the comics that appeared in this back in the day and was suddenly teleported back in time to when I was a kid at the start of the 90's. My older cousins gave me a few copies of their Club Nintendo issues so I could get through Legend of Zelda and Metroid. Were pretty fascinating even at the time, believe they were the first time I encountered the "anime" art style in the comics, something that you never came across in those dark old pre internet days of the early 90s. They are stuffed away with my old magazines but I've not set eyes on them for alteast 20 years. If there are no scans available I might just see if I can dig them out. Thanks very much for the website though, I didn't know there were so many issues. Had to be in the know to be signed up for Club Nintendo mail order early on back then.

Replied on: 4:08pm 04-17-2021
The comics are indeed a very interesting - and amusing - part of Club Nintendo's history. I know we haven't touched on them very much on the main site so far, but watch this space.

Your comment about scans makes me consider some possible future features for the site. I don't want to make any promises, though, so I'll leave it at that.

Llilywebskateboarder 1:45pm 05-03-2021
This is a really cool website, keep it up
fool 3:45pm 05-17-2021
i am a fool so clearly i should be here
Skate176 9:24am 05-19-2021
Hello :)

Replied on: 3:29pm 07-05-2021

sans 6:25am 06-02-2021
*wow so cool. i like red luigi

Replied on: 3:31pm 07-05-2021
How about Green Mario? He's just as cool.

floppy 11:05pm 06-18-2021
Just passing through. Nice site!
xd 3:11am 06-30-2021
xd hello!
check out my neocities site pls(its on spanish):
emptyglass 1:48am 07-01-2021
Thank you for preserving these old magazines.
KONAMI 1:21pm 07-12-2021
im from sega