'Gag Take' Comics (Club Nintendo Germany)

Throughout its run, the German version of Club Nintendo printed various comic stories, which have gained some notoriety for their artwork and humour. While some fans have taken it upon themselves to translate these comics into other languages, so even more people can enjoy them, we here at Club Nintendo Archives decided to have a bit of fun with them.

What you see below is a selection of 'gag takes' based on these German comics. These versions feature parody scripts alongside the original comic panels. This has been done purely for entertainment purposes, and we hope you enjoy it. Just click each thumbnail below to see the larger image. (Note: The 'gag take' comics are listed in the order I made/uploaded them, from oldest to newest.)

(Content warning: These versions of the comics contain mild swearing and some slightly adult humour.)

Wario's Christmas Tale

The Night of Horror

Part 1

NoH1 Thumbnail 1 NoH1 Thumbnail 2 NoH1 Thumbnail 3
NoH1 Thumbnail 4 NoH1 Thumbnail 5 NoH1 Thumbnail 6

Part 2

NoH2 Thumbnail 1 NoH2 Thumbnail 2 NoH2 Thumbnail 3
NoH2 Thumbnail 4 NoH2 Thumbnail 5 NoH2 Thumbnail 6

Hunt for the Nintendo 64

N64 Thumbnail 1 N64 Thumbnail 2 N64 Thumbnail 3
N64 Thumbnail 4 N64 Thumbnail 5 N64 Thumbnail 6

If you wish to view some actual translations of these comics, Opentrain is a very good place to start, containing both English translations of numerous Club Nintendo comics and the original German versions. (Club Nintendo Archives is not responsible for the content depicted on the Opentrain website nor in the comics and their translations. Reader discretion is advised.)