Comics - Club Nintendo Classic

As well as games, Club Nintendo Classic also included some promotions for the various accessories available for their consoles. Instead of the usual articles, however, they created some rather cheesy comics.

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Amusingly, the Game Boy comic would get an unofficial 'update' years later. In issue 62 of Nintendo Magazine, a reader-sent art piece would be published that looked rather familiar.

The image was a panel-by-panel trace of the 'Game Boy Hardware' comic, only this time Mario and Luigi were fighting over the Nintendo 64 and its accessories. While the editors of Nintendo Magazine were unaware of the plagiarism, some of the mag's readers were quick to write in and point out the comic's origins, with one of them receiving the 'Letter of the Month' prize in issue 64.

(I apologise that the 'copycat' comic is very hard to read. It was originally published quite small to start with, and the scan is full-size.)

Nintendo Hotline - Club Nintendo Classic

A recurring detail throughout most of the magazine's life was that the whole thing was run by Mario himself! Each issue would start with an introduction from the Italian plumber, and sections such as the letters page would refer to the playing habits and interests of both Mario and Luigi. With this in mind, here's an advert for the Nintendo Hotline service and for contacting Club Nintendo.

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It's jolly nice of them to let Morton Koopa Jr. and some of Bowser's minions help out at the office, although what Bowser would have to say about them making his kid work all night is another matter.

Warning: Please don't try to call those numbers now. I do not know what business they now connect to, and you may still be charged for it, no matter where you end up calling.